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Professional Lifestyle and Event Photographer

Comstock Memories

Make your next memories with the Comstocks!

Comstock Memories, a family-owned and operated venture led by husband-and-wife duo Joel and Amanda, is proud to bring their unique blend of photography and wedding planning expertise to the heart of Haslett and East Lansing. As newcomers to the Meridian Township community, the Comstocks are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey, forging new connections and creating unforgettable moments.

Joel's photography is a celebration of life's beauty, focusing on revealing the true essence of his subjects against the backdrop of Michigan's stunning landscapes. Amanda, with her extensive experience in event planning, is passionate about making your dreams come true. Together, they form an exceptional team, dedicated to making your next event an unforgettable experience.

When you choose Comstock Memories, you're not just booking a service; you're investing in your cherished memories, capturing the essence of special moments, and preserving the laughter and joy that define your celebrations. Plus, you're supporting a small family-owned business, and for that, we are truly grateful. Let's create timeless memories together!

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